Jade D'Costa - February, 2019
Absolutely the best service I've ever received. I purchased a BMWX5 on Saturday. Sunday it decided it didn't like the cold and wouldn't start. I found myself stuck at Costco in -35. I called Nash to ask what I was supposed to do now (be mindful it's a Sunday and I technically bought the unit and drove off the lot) Nash got out of bed on a Sunday went to the parts store and bought a plug that o deemed necessary after googling and YouTubing (totally arbitrary and not a guaranteed fix) paid out of pocket for the part and drove it across the city on HIS day off to rescue me. He didn't bat an eye. Boosted me, swapped the part and offered me a warm seat in his car. He then contacted me first thing to schedule an inspection AND repair (if required) I am absolutely blown away by the level of customer service. Like most of you reading these I was Leary after reading some yuck reviews, and I can assure you that none of them are accurate in the slightest. This is the most honest operation I have had the pleasure of dealing with and they have my loyalty forever.

Heather Johnston Allison - June, 2018
We had a great experience from looking to purchasing a vehicle for our family. Nash was very helpful. We felt comfortable asking questions and given knowledgeable answers. Everyone associated with the company we came in contact with was very nice and pleasant. Thank you Nash for getting us a great deal for a great car.

Solomon Rivers - November, 2018
This is a great company. After a divorce and being a single parent fresh to Calgary and on ei with pretty rough credit. I had been turned down at many dealerships. I was approved at 3. But looking at the selection of cars available to me at the other 2. Checkered flag didn't limit me and provided a great deal on a pretty new car at a great price. So happy I went with them. They made the process fast and easy. Alister was great to deal with.

Amanda Quinn - November, 2018
My car recently got stolen so I was in the market for a new one. With that being said, because of the ongoing insurance claim I was not able to purchase a vehicle until everything had been dealt with. Regardless, a friend of mine had convinced me to go look at what's out there without commiting to anything, so I gave in.

My friend and I had visited 7 used car dealerships before walking into checkered flag auto sales. At this point, I had dealt with several "shady car salesmen" and I wasn
't expecting anything different walking into checkered flag auto sales.

I was absolutely blown away by the service from Nash Cardinal. Unlike all the other dealerships he understood that I was not legally in a position to purchase a vehicle, and he understood that I would not be buying a vehicle that day. With this knowledge in mind, Nash still went out of his way to show me all the cars on the lot within my price range. His knowledge on all the cars was very well explained and diverse. Leaving the lot that day, I knew that when the time was right I would come back to checkered flag auto sales to purchase a vehicle.

As my insurance claim came to a finalized decision, I was able to come back and purchase a Toyota Corolla from the lot at an absolutely wonderful price. Nashs
' services didn't stop there, he offered his help with any services that I may need with the vehicle going forward. You could really tell that he definitely goes out of his way to help out every customer in any way possible. If you're looking for a genuine experience, with a non-pushy salesman that gives you room to breathe while you make your decision, I highly highly recommend seeing Nash. I would 10/10 recommend this lot for used cars. They demonstrate service excellence and they did everything to make my experience a remarkable one!